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  • Category: Sports
  • Description: What is Taekwondo? To most people, TKD is a form of unarmed combat for self defence. However, it is more than just that. TKD is a scientific use of the body for self defence, using all parts of the body to defend oneself. It is a combination of physical and mental training, instilling concepts and a way of thinking in a spirit of discipline. Taekwondo is Korean in origin: “Tae” means “to kick” (flying or jumping); “Kwon” denotes “fist”; and “Do” stands for the “way” or the Art. Taekwondo embraces all martial arts techniques, focusing on: Arms – eg. punches, blocks, strikes, elbows… Legs – eg. kicks, knees… Counters/releases – eg. from chokes, grabs. Taekwondo differs somewhat from some other martial arts in that: - TKD kicks are often below and above waist height (eg. to chest, or even occasionally to head); More dangerous techniques are practised under safe, controlled conditions (eg. free sparring); - Students follow a set syllabus. - There is a worldwide coordinating Taekwondo body unifying all patterns and standards required for promotion through belts, enabling students to train relatively seamlessly in different locations throughout the world. - Our instructors are Internationally Certified to ensure hight standards and safety for our students. - Taekwondo is inclusive – any person, be they young or old, tall or short, strong or not so strong, can learn and benefit from TKD. We focus on you being the best you can be. Finally, taekwondo is not just a martial art, but a philosophy for living. Central to the taekwondo way of life are values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and courage (indomitable spirit).
  • Website: griffithunitaekwondoclub
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